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What is the Unicist Approach to Healthcare Businesses?

The discovery of the unicist ontogenetic intelligence of nature allowed defining the triadic structure and the complementation and supplementation laws that underlie any entity.

These discoveries established the groundings to develop the unicist double dialectical logic that underlies all systems in nature.

The use of the double dialectical logic made the emulation of the organization of nature possible, developing objects to install into human adaptive systems to make them faster, safer and reliable. 

The unicist double dialectical approach to medicine allowed (*):

Pyramid of Ethical Intelligence1) Defining and managing diagnoses as adaptive systems and transforming them into medical objects integrating the triadic structure of cures, fundamental diagnoses and technical-analytical diagnoses.

2) Managing therapeutics as a complex adaptive system, integrating the triadic structure defined by cures, palliatives and recovery.

3) Managing the triadic structure of Health IT integrating software, hardware and peopleware.

4) Integrating the triadic structure of electronic records for medical practice, integrating EMR, HER and EPR.

5) Managing drugs as medical objects integrating their functionality with the adverse effects and the positive side effects.

6) Managing the triadic structure of patient centered management integrating the patient, medical practice and management.

7) Installing the Object Driven Organization Metamodel to materialize the Patient Centered Management.

8) Developing a unicist scorecard to monitor the metrics of the medical business activities.

(*) A condition to manage the unicist approach is to go beyond the use of dualistic logic and use the double dialectical logic in order to be able to emulate dynamic processes in mind. It implies leaving behind the use of the disjunction “or” substituting it by the use of the functional conjunction “and”.

You can access the book on “Introduction to Ethical Intelligence in Business” by Diana Belohlavek at: http://www.unicist.org/deb_ieib.php

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Diego Glancszpigel: Unicist Quality Assurance in Healthcare

This lecture on the Unicist Standard applied to Healthcare Quality Assurance is fostering an upgrade in quality in the business.

Envisioning quality assurance requires a mind opening attitude. It requires thinking about reality and its context to define the necessary objects to achieve the objectives.

To have a reliable knowledge, in order to produce results, it is necessary to have installed redundancies in processes. Designing objects implies increasing the amplitude of the unified field one is working on.

This requires a higher level of knowledge on the actual reality. It is necessary to have assured quality in order to grow. But the sound knowledge of the context is necessary in order to assure quality. Therefore this lecture works as a mind-opener.

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Accuracy of the Unicist Diagnostics – Quality Assurance

Unicist Quality AssuranceThe main characteristic of unicist diagnoses is their accuracy. During the past two decades their reliability and their accuracy were guaranteed by the Blue Eagle X-pert System that has been evolving from version 1.0 to version 8.2
From January 2010 on, the diagnoses delivered by the Unicist Diagnostics Centers of the Unicist Confederation will have a certificated quality assurance process that guarantees their accuracy. The objective is to deliver reliable solutions to our clients.

This is the final formal step preparing the worldwide expansion of the Unicist Standard in order to fulfill the goal of our vision:

“We consider that every doer in the world has the need and the right to have an objective technology to simplify the complex problems s/he has to solve.”

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