A Global Research Organization in Complexity Sciences

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is the scientific center that develops basic and applied research and generates the technologies used by the Group. TURI is a private global decentralized research organization specialized in the research of the roots of evolution beginning with Natural Sciences and ending with Social Sciences. In the business world, TURI developed a Solution Bank based on the structures of concepts, which define the nature of business functions that allow managing the root-causes of problems and the root-drivers of solutions.

It was a pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized leading research organization in the field of complexity.More than 5,000 unicist ontological researches were developed since 1976 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution. The main countries that originated these researches were: US, DE, UK, FR, JP, SE, CA, CH, IN, BR, AR, CAT, RU, CN, AU. TURI's Future Research Laboratory completed the research of 70 countries' archetypes until April 2015.

TURI has a business arm and an academic arm. The business arm is developed by the Unicist Confederation and the academic arm is in charge of the Unicist Corporate University.

The Roots of Human Intelligence

The discovery of the functional roots of human intelligence allowed increasing the possibilities of fostering the development of adaptive behaviors to promote personal evolution and increasing the capacity to understand the dynamics of human behavior to influence in the communication processes.

What are Complexity Sciences?

The purpose of complexity sciences is to study and explain the functionality of adaptive systems. The unicist approach to complexity is based on the discovery of the ontogenetic structures that underlie reality.

Unicist R&D-Groups and K-Groups

These groups of The Unicist Research Institute are autonomous organizations that develop solutions to specific problems in adaptive environments.

Collaborative Research Projects

These projects are based on the unicist complexity science research methodology covering from Biology to Social Sciences including organizational behavior.

Business Arm: The Unicist Confederation

The UC is the business arm of The Unicist Research Institute. It is a multilocal and cooperative confederation that provides adaptive solutions for businesses.

Academic Arm: Unicist Corporate University

It provides individuals with unicist conceptual tools and knowledge objects to deal with the nature of businesses to improve processes and business results.

Future Research Laboratory

This Lab has assumed an active role to influence leaders and the public opinion informing about the structural trends in the social and economic fields.

Complexity Science Research Program

The research program has been designed for those who need to research complex environments going beyond the existing systemic research technologies.

Expericence our Technology


Ongoing Researches

Unicist Discoveries

Country Archetypes Developed

• Algeria • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Belgium • Bolivia • Brazil • Cambodia • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Cuba • Czech Republic • Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • Finland • France • Georgia • Germany • Honduras • Hungary • India • Iran • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Libya • Malaysia • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Norway • Pakistan • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Syria • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Venezuela • Vietnam

Conceptual Segmentation of Markets

• Automobile • Food • Mass consumption • Financial • Insurance • Sports and social institutions • Information Technology (IT) • Communications • Perishable goods • Mass media • Direct sales • Industrial commodities • Agribusiness • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical • Oil and Gas • Chemical • Paints • Education • Services • Commerce and distribution • Mining • Timber • Apparel • Passenger transportation –land, sea and air • Tourism • Cargo transportation • Professional services • e-market • Entertainment and show-business • Advertising • Gastronomic • Hotel-management • Credit card • Real estate • Fishing • Publishing • Industrial Equipment • Construction and Engineering • Bike, motorbike, scooter and moped • Sporting goods