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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Accuracy of the Unicist Diagnostics – Quality Assurance 3

Unicist Quality AssuranceThe main characteristic of unicist diagnoses is their accuracy. During the past two decades their reliability and their accuracy were guaranteed by the Blue Eagle X-pert System that has been evolving from version 1.0 to version 8.2
From January 2010 on, the diagnoses delivered by the Unicist Diagnostics Centers of the Unicist Confederation will have a certificated quality assurance process that guarantees their accuracy. The objective is to deliver reliable solutions to our clients.

This is the final formal step preparing the worldwide expansion of the Unicist Standard in order to fulfill the goal of our vision:

“We consider that every doer in the world has the need and the right to have an objective technology to simplify the complex problems s/he has to solve.”

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3 thoughts on “Accuracy of the Unicist Diagnostics – Quality Assurance

  • Ante

    1975 i have discovered that former Yugoslavia is a country with $550 per capita, but with human and physical capital should HAVE $1100. After ten years i have discovered that the main cause was that my former country has the greatest number of failures per capita. Market and political forces were weak after Tito death and we need zero defect and just in time (Toyota – S. SHINGO) policy. We invited him and he promised that in three (3) days he could teach us to realise it. The war in former Yugoslavia is the result that mafia was much better SELF-ORGANIZED than honest and knowledgeable citizens. We all need such conference, because there is lack of volition and knowledge about QUALITY ASSURANCE.


    Todos necesitamos esa conferencia, porque hay falta de voluntad y el conocimiento de Garantía de Calidad.
    Enero, por tratarse del período veraniego en esta parte del mundo, es la de mayor ocupación para mi.
    Pero me gustaría saber como hicieron los Yugoslavos.

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