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Health 4.0: The New Stage

The 4th industrial revolution gave birth the Health 4.0 which is a new concept that is evolving based on the specific needs of the healthcare environments.

The now available technologies allow integrating health with curing processes by using data-based AI, fundamentals-based AI, catalysts, cognitive systems, big data, adaptive EHR, and robots to manage health and healthcare processes to empower patient centricity.

The Unicist Research Institute, a pioneer in complexity science research since 1976, and one of the precursors of the 4th Industrial Revolution that introduced the unicist ontogenetic maps to manage complexity and deal with adaptive systems.

The unicist complexity science approach allowed defining the scientific foundations of medicine and discovering, among others, the unicist ontogenetic maps of: Health, amino acids, destructive tests in biology, clinical trials, viruses, chronic diseases, addictions, stress, cures, immune systems, therapeutics, diseases, medical specialties, universal diagnostics, research and researchers and prevention.