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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Teaching vs. Learning: the use of Unicist Learning Objects

Teaching is the cost of education and learning is the generated value. The use of unicist learning objects diminishes the cost and increases the value of what is being learned. A positive side effect is that learners assume the responsibility to adapt to the environment and not only to the teacher.

The purpose of a learning object is to install an adaptive knowledge object in the mind of the learner. Learning objects build a bridge and integrate theory with practice that allow individuals to use them and recycle them if necessary.

This implies that the learning objects drive the accommodation process to accept new aspects that were not managed before and integrate these new aspects in mind through an assimilation process which requires storing this integration in the long term memory of individuals.

Learning objects are complex adaptive systems that have been designed to drive the learning processes of the learner without needing external support when working within functional learning environments.

A functional learning environment exists when there is a need of a specific knowledge to do something, the necessary capacities of an individual are available and accessible and the objects have the necessary authoritative role to be accepted.

Learning objects cannot work when these conditions are exceeded and then the participation of a counselor becomes necessary to substitute these objects by personal action. This is homologous to the autopilot of an airplane which needs to be substituted by the pilot when the conditions of the external environment exceed the possibilities of the object.

Diana Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems.


A Metaphor for Business: Beware of the Business-wolf

Business-wolves are individuals who have neither the capacity nor the will to assume the responsibility for results. They are lone-runners. They do not have the ethics of a wolf pack. That is why they can not have partners, just accomplices.

They are individuals who are stagnated in the “survival ethic” but they are also imprisoned by their own utopian self-image.

“Tomorrow” is their promise and distorted descriptions of their past are their groundings.

Stagnated survivors use justifications to profit from others

They always have the necessary justifications to profit from others and the destruction power to impose them. The destruction power can be active or passive. They destroy by action or inaction.

Envy is the driver of Business-wolves

They are driven by envy which has been defined by Buddhists as the integration of greed and jealousy. The German word for envy “Schadenfreude” makes it much clearer. It means the joy of damaging.

The German saying: “Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude” says that “the joy of producing damages is the greatest joy” implies that envy produces a great pleasure when it is used. It generates a great pleasure when destroying by action or inaction.

Therefore you can see that business-wolves pee all the time their hypothetical territory and destroy or downgrade everything they think might threaten their territory or self-esteem.

Dealing with Business-wolves

If you think you have a business-wolf among your managers you need to bear in mind their fundamentals: 1) profiting without adding value, 2) justifying everything and blaming others for what does not work, 3) exerting power by action or inaction.

Business-wolves have a diabolic dribbling capacity. Just like a basketball player that should not look into the opponents’ eyes, but focus on the ball that is moving, when you face a Business-wolf you should not believe his eyes but focus on the facts that are being produced.

Do not imagine that you can manage them, they use their anti-intelligence. Anti-intelligence is superior to intelligence because it has not ethical inhibitions. You cannot negotiate with them because they will find a justification to avoid their commitment.

The wolf of the little red cap story is an apprentice when compared with a business-wolf. You cannot deal with people who are driven by the Schadensfreude (envy).

But please remember that we all have a business-wolf inside. The question is being aware of it to maintain it in our private Zoo (our wolf is not alone). If you are not aware of your own wolf you cannot recognize business-wolves.

Your comments are welcome.

Peter Belohlavek

You can find information on the Unicist Standard  in the Unicist Business Search Engine: http://www.unicist.com

Request more information: n.i.brown@unicist.org

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Invite your friends to join the Unicist Goodwill Network

Invite your friends to join the Unicist Goodwill Network. Help us to expand the group in order to influence the International Organizations to foster “equal opportunities for all”.

Invite them to join here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unicist-Goodwill-Network/163770684309?ref=ts
Unicist Ontology of Educational Evaluation

To foster equal opportunities for all we are organizing an international presentation of the research that will be published in the book “Educational Scenario – Defining the long term future of countries” by Peter Belohlavek.

It will be presented on February 18, 2010 at 11:00 am (New York time) in a global webconference.

The conclusions of the research, which began in 1978, define that individual evolution is fostered or hindered when the evaluation methodologies are not integrated.

Countries were multiple choice evaluations prevail foster operational thinking hindering the evolution of analytical, systemic and conceptual thinking. It is an extremely dualistic model that drives toward motion fallacies and “right or wrong” thinking.

Countries were analytical examinations prevail foster analytical thinking, hindering operational, systemic and conceptual thinking. It is a dualistic model where the option of true or false are installed in the society. This model fosters inaction fallacies.

Countries were real research evaluation prevails foster systemic thinking, hindering conceptual, analytical and operational thinking. Although it is an integrative thinking model it limits the perception to the validity of cause-effect relations. This model fosters the fallacies of doubt.

Countries were problem solving evaluation prevail foster conceptual thinking, hindering systemic, analytical and operational thinking. It is an integrative thinking model that limits the perception on the results of what is being done. This model fosters the taxonomic fallacies.

The integration of the models requires that the educational system integrate the natural competencies of the learners with the requirement of the objects that are being learned.

The unicist ontological approach allows the integration of the different evaluation approaches based on the characteristics of the culture and the requirements of the learning objects to allow people to maximize their empowerment minimizing the stereotyping of their attitudes in life.

The members of the Unicist Goodwill Network will be able to participate in this breakthrough presentation. Do not leave your friends aside.
Invite them to join:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unicist-Goodwill-Network/163770684309?ref=ts.

The next generation will profit from our actions.

Your comments are welcome

Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

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Education defines the long term scenario of countries

educationThe evaluation systems of the educational models define the long term future of countries. They define the social standard. The educational systems define the ethics of a country that establishes the limits of the possibilities in all aspects, including the economic and business world.

The unicist ontology of evolution applied to the educational systems worldwide shows the nature of the evolution and involution processes of societies driven by their educational models.

To shift the evolution process we gave free access to many of the researches on individual, institutional and social evolution.

There are three main unicist R&D e-books to deal with the crisis that began in 2008. Two of them have been published:

-Crisis 2008-2010
-Institutionalization, the key to growth

The third book “Educational Scenario – Defining the long term future of countries” will be published before the end of the year. It will be presented to the main International Organizations and will be available at the UBSE.

The research abstracts that sustain the book are already available at the Unicist Business Search Engine (UBSE): http://www.unicist.com

This book proposes an educational solution not only for developed countries but also for developing and underdeveloped countries. It is based on the unicist ontology of learning and its consequence on social and economic behavior.

It demonstrates that the evaluation systems of the educational models define the energy conservation function of the learning processes that define the long term possibilities of countries. Evolution and involution of countries and individuals become self-evident.

We strongly recommend you to be aware of the problem, because the educational system defines not only the long term scenario but also the evolution of the gap between the “poor” and the “rich” (low productivity vs. high productivity, which includes your personal role).

Education is the basis for our fostering of “equal opportunities for all”.

Access some information on your country’s educational system at

You can have free access to the Unicist Object Driven Learning which is the solution applied to the individual field: http://www.unicist.org/deb_ual.php

Your comments are welcome

Peter Belohlavek

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