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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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A Metaphor for Business: Beware of the Business-wolf

Business-wolves are individuals who have neither the capacity nor the will to assume the responsibility for results. They are lone-runners. They do not have the ethics of a wolf pack. That is why they can not have partners, just accomplices.

They are individuals who are stagnated in the “survival ethic” but they are also imprisoned by their own utopian self-image.

“Tomorrow” is their promise and distorted descriptions of their past are their groundings.

Stagnated survivors use justifications to profit from others

They always have the necessary justifications to profit from others and the destruction power to impose them. The destruction power can be active or passive. They destroy by action or inaction.

Envy is the driver of Business-wolves

They are driven by envy which has been defined by Buddhists as the integration of greed and jealousy. The German word for envy “Schadenfreude” makes it much clearer. It means the joy of damaging.

The German saying: “Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude” says that “the joy of producing damages is the greatest joy” implies that envy produces a great pleasure when it is used. It generates a great pleasure when destroying by action or inaction.

Therefore you can see that business-wolves pee all the time their hypothetical territory and destroy or downgrade everything they think might threaten their territory or self-esteem.

Dealing with Business-wolves

If you think you have a business-wolf among your managers you need to bear in mind their fundamentals: 1) profiting without adding value, 2) justifying everything and blaming others for what does not work, 3) exerting power by action or inaction.

Business-wolves have a diabolic dribbling capacity. Just like a basketball player that should not look into the opponents’ eyes, but focus on the ball that is moving, when you face a Business-wolf you should not believe his eyes but focus on the facts that are being produced.

Do not imagine that you can manage them, they use their anti-intelligence. Anti-intelligence is superior to intelligence because it has not ethical inhibitions. You cannot negotiate with them because they will find a justification to avoid their commitment.

The wolf of the little red cap story is an apprentice when compared with a business-wolf. You cannot deal with people who are driven by the Schadensfreude (envy).

But please remember that we all have a business-wolf inside. The question is being aware of it to maintain it in our private Zoo (our wolf is not alone). If you are not aware of your own wolf you cannot recognize business-wolves.

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Peter Belohlavek

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