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Education defines the long term scenario of countries 1

educationThe evaluation systems of the educational models define the long term future of countries. They define the social standard. The educational systems define the ethics of a country that establishes the limits of the possibilities in all aspects, including the economic and business world.

The unicist ontology of evolution applied to the educational systems worldwide shows the nature of the evolution and involution processes of societies driven by their educational models.

To shift the evolution process we gave free access to many of the researches on individual, institutional and social evolution.

There are three main unicist R&D e-books to deal with the crisis that began in 2008. Two of them have been published:

-Crisis 2008-2010
-Institutionalization, the key to growth

The third book “Educational Scenario – Defining the long term future of countries” will be published before the end of the year. It will be presented to the main International Organizations and will be available at the UBSE.

The research abstracts that sustain the book are already available at the Unicist Business Search Engine (UBSE): http://www.unicist.com

This book proposes an educational solution not only for developed countries but also for developing and underdeveloped countries. It is based on the unicist ontology of learning and its consequence on social and economic behavior.

It demonstrates that the evaluation systems of the educational models define the energy conservation function of the learning processes that define the long term possibilities of countries. Evolution and involution of countries and individuals become self-evident.

We strongly recommend you to be aware of the problem, because the educational system defines not only the long term scenario but also the evolution of the gap between the “poor” and the “rich” (low productivity vs. high productivity, which includes your personal role).

Education is the basis for our fostering of “equal opportunities for all”.

Access some information on your country’s educational system at

You can have free access to the Unicist Object Driven Learning which is the solution applied to the individual field: http://www.unicist.org/deb_ual.php

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Peter Belohlavek

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