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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Object Driven Image Building: The Unicist Standard

Image is the natural catalyst for marketing actions. As a catalyst there is no possibility to be neutral. The image of a company either catalyzes commercial actions or inhibits them. Therefore, image building is a core aspect for business growth, to ensure image working as a catalyst and not as an inhibitor.

When image works as a catalyst it produces the “inclined plane” effect for the business.

Companies need to rebuild their image if they want to grow beyond the existing boundaries of their market segments.

To rebuild the image of a company it is needed to create additional credibility which means being able to make others perceive that it can “make things possible” that were not possible before and then it becomes necessary to prove that this is true.

“Believe to see, or see to believe?” has a true and a fallacious response. The fallacious response is that some people say they need to see to believe. The true response is that first you have to believe in the possibility of something existing before you are able to see it.

If you belong to the segments of the skeptics you cannot accept this. If you believe it and now want to prove it, just experience it.

A benchmark: The object driven image of The Unicist Research Institute

The image of TURI is sustained by 4 structured objects:

1) The Unicist Standard
(unicist business objects / unicist object driven technologies)

2) Real diagnoses, prognoses, strategies and business organization

3) The Major Research Organization in the World in its Specialty
(Based on its basic and applicative discoveries)

4) Unicist Business Search Engine
(more than 3,000 researches included)

These objects sustain the image of The Unicist Research Institute. They need to exist and be perceived by the segment (DOERS) in order to work.

Image building requires defining the objects that are necessary to run the business and then making them exist and believable. Subjects manage the process while objects ensure the minimum strategy of image building.

As you can perceive in the description of TURI’s objects, this is just an application of the Unicist Standard for image building.

By using objects you will be emulating the nature in business management and, by using them in your image building process, you will be making true the saying:

The Best business in the World is climbing a mountain…
Throwing a stone…
Making the stone produce an avalanche…
Making the avalanche produce a dam…
Getting the price of the dam…
And having the cost of a stone…

Access the complete information on Credibility Building at the Unicist Business Search Engine:

Request more information: n.i.brown@unicist.org

Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,000 researches in complexity science applied to individual, institutional and social evolution.

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