Time is not money 2

We invite our partners to begin to run the business using the working methodologies developed by TURI. We are in a knowledge business and have developed methodologies that basically triple the productivity of our World Class “Colleagues”.
This appears to be good news, and it is. But… All those who are used to selling hours creating the fallacious myth that “Time is money” feel threatened by our working methods and methodologies.  In their business the more time insumed, the more money earned.
In our business, the more time insumed, the more money wasted.
We need to have the advantage of the cost reduction and quality upgrade that is implicit in our working methodology.

We suggest entering in the following:
-R&D book “Unicist Organization – object driven design”, which you already have.
-Unicist XD – Back2Back methodology:
-Cooperation Rules:
-Knowledge Building Rules:

Please consider that it will require at least a year until the moto “Cooperation in diversity” and the adequate level of productivity can be achieved.
We will go step by step. The first step is to respect the taxonomies that correspond to the nature of an activity. This working methodology is implicit in our Knowledge Certification Program.

If you are interested we could organize a special Micro-clinic with Peter Belohlavek after the Clinic of the X Conference.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence


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