Unicist Confederation's Growth Strategy

We launched our growth strategy on January 2, 2009. Quantitatively, this requires a growth of our community from 25,000 to 1,000,000 individuals worldwide by the end of the year. This has been planned and is being executed. We invite our partners and associated consultants to participate in this growth based on their nature.

We are an institution whose transcendent objective is to deal with the nature of reality and make things happen.

Our goal is to establish the standard for strategy building and future scenario building in the world market. This goal is based on two different groundings:

1) The discovery of the ontology of evolution, the ontogenetic intelligence of nature and the human ontointelligence.

2) The proven capacity to make things happen in the real business and non-business world. Consider the strategic and operational “Object driven organization” model we use and the speed, reliability and quality it produces (It requires to work based on the nature of the “species” involved).

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Human ontointelligence defines the strategic attitude of a person. Success depends on our capacity to integrate the diversity of individuals participating in our organization:

1) It has to be considered that the size of a unified field an individual can deal with, in this case the Unicist Confederation’s Business, depends on her/his strategic style. On one extreme, “freedom fighters” only see the “one to one” businesses, and “empty space occupiers” deal naturally with multiplication businesses.
2) The specialization field of our partners needs to be consistent with their type of thought in order to avoid fallacies.
3) The ethical intelligence individuals use defines the adding value focusing capacity and their time management. Survivors need to work here and now. In order to work with a strategic approach and deal with the nature of reality, and not with a rationalist approach, it is necessary to work in a field where an individual acts based on the value adding ethics. Ethical intelligence evolves or involves according to the maturity of a person.

Success is a question of focusing on the potential of all the members of the Unicist Confederation. This is what the growth program is about.

Growth depends on our capacity to “Cooperate in diversity”, and to have the power, without using it,  of an Institution.

Reflexive reading of the R&D e-book “Ethical Intelligence” is strongly recommended.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence