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As you already know Peter Belohlavek left the regular teaching activities that he developed during 2008 in The Unicist Corporate University.
He will be leading the worldwide expansion of The Unicist Research Institute and the Unicist Confederation and the coordination of the Unicist Research Confederation.
The confederative research organization is integrated by research groups and individuals focused on applied research projects using the unicist ontology-based methodology for complexity research.
Research projects are focused on the development of research consortia with:
•  Global Institutions
•  Local Institutions
•  Global Businesses
•  Local Businesses

The milestones for this decision were:

1) the finishing of the  research  on “Institutionalization”, which was the largest research in The Unicist Research Institute’s history (32 years, developed in US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Slovakia).

2) The integration of the Unicist Knowledge Bank of open access technologies developed at TURI:

The next Clinic of the X Unicist Conference will be presenting part of the research on Institutionalization.

Executive Committee


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    estimados Amigos,felicitaciones el desarrollo de la Ontología unicista es una forma adecuada y buena que nos permite ver ciertas cosas con mas objetividad y claridad.
    Atte, Javier Martínez

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