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The first Global Unicist Knowledge Center

The first Global Unicist Knowledge Center has been installed. It will be specialized in Pharma and Health Care Academic and Research Technologies. It is managed by Diego Glancszpigel who has a degree in Unicist Strategy (1 year program for graduates – aprox. 10 years ago) and hast been a Corporate Client of Unicist Technologies. This Global-UKC will be also coordinating a group of partners worldwide.

Global integration of CPA and Consulting Firms

Our Confederation is integrating CPA and Consulting Firms to run the business of “Diagnoses, Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions” for mid size companies. The scope of this business includes financial solutions (Investors), diagnoses and the implantation of unicist technologies to make businesses grow.
They will be coordinated by few highly specialized partners in the world. The first coordinating partner is the UKC-Genève.

Executive Committee

Project H.O.P.E’s expansion

We appreciate the support given by our partners to disseminate Project H.O.P.E.  We will include the R&D e-book “Ethical Intelligence” as the core technology to be considered when building counter-cyclical strategies. Without increasing the added value to the market there are no growth strategies possible. Survival strategies mainly require significant price and production reductions.

To continue the expansion of this project among young people we decided to install project H.O.P.E.’s blog in different virtual life communities that are visited by young entrepreneurs.

Now there are more than 1,200 participants in Project H.O.P.E. We expect to expand this number to 10,000 by the end of this year.

If you are interested in joining Project H.O.P.E. please enter:

Diego Belohlavek
Expert System Manager
In charge of virtual life communities
for Project H.O.P.E.


The Unicist Research Institute

As you already know Peter Belohlavek left the regular teaching activities that he developed during 2008 in The Unicist Corporate University.
He will be leading the worldwide expansion of The Unicist Research Institute and the Unicist Confederation and the coordination of the Unicist Research Confederation.
The confederative research organization is integrated by research groups and individuals focused on applied research projects using the unicist ontology-based methodology for complexity research.
Research projects are focused on the development of research consortia with:
•  Global Institutions
•  Local Institutions
•  Global Businesses
•  Local Businesses

The milestones for this decision were:

1) the finishing of the  research  on “Institutionalization”, which was the largest research in The Unicist Research Institute’s history (32 years, developed in US, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Slovakia).

2) The integration of the Unicist Knowledge Bank of open access technologies developed at TURI:

The next Clinic of the X Unicist Conference will be presenting part of the research on Institutionalization.

Executive Committee


Time is not money

We invite our partners to begin to run the business using the working methodologies developed by TURI. We are in a knowledge business and have developed methodologies that basically triple the productivity of our World Class “Colleagues”.
This appears to be good news, and it is. But… All those who are used to selling hours creating the fallacious myth that “Time is money” feel threatened by our working methods and methodologies.  In their business the more time insumed, the more money earned.
In our business, the more time insumed, the more money wasted.
We need to have the advantage of the cost reduction and quality upgrade that is implicit in our working methodology.

We suggest entering in the following:
-R&D book “Unicist Organization – object driven design”, which you already have.
-Unicist XD – Back2Back methodology:
-Cooperation Rules:
-Knowledge Building Rules:

Please consider that it will require at least a year until the moto “Cooperation in diversity” and the adequate level of productivity can be achieved.
We will go step by step. The first step is to respect the taxonomies that correspond to the nature of an activity. This working methodology is implicit in our Knowledge Certification Program.

If you are interested we could organize a special Micro-clinic with Peter Belohlavek after the Clinic of the X Conference.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence