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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Nokia: Mastering the Paradox of Communication Devices

Mobile communication devices changed the world. Nokia can be considered a benchmark to learn how to satisfy customers and at the same time avoid changing habits in order to ensure the expansion of the markets.

The paradox of communication devices is that they represent a solution for those who need the device to communicate with the rest of the world and for those who live in solitude and use the communication device to avoid feeling lonely.

If you have not watched the video on the presentation of Nokia, we recommend watching it from here:

If you observe a yacht-port you will see that most of the boats are rarely used by their owners.

There is no doubt that most of them would have a better financial solution if they rented a yacht when they want to navigate instead of owning one. But the yacht represents their freedom fantasy. That is what they bought and have.

The same thing happens with the mobile communication devices that allow accessing whatever you imagine and dialoguing with whoever you want, even though the majority uses them to “monologue” with their acquaintances. But the multiple alternatives they offer provide an almost endless scope of communication possibilities.

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communication devices having demonstrated how to access the micro-segments of the communication market in a way that can be emulated.

The question is understanding one’s market without making value judgments of what should or could be done with a product, just following the real actions and fantasies of the consumer in a value adding way. Providing possibilities is as important as providing functionalities.

If you go deeper into the product development of Nokia and the Unicist micro-segmentation model you will be able to profit from their experience.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Knowledge Management
& Communication

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