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Martin Alvaro has been promoted to Marketing Manager

2010 has been defined as the year of the global expansion of the Unicist Confederation based on Unicist Diagnostics Centers and Unicist Scientific Dissemination Centers.

This requires the implementation of a marketing and communication strategy to access all the “doers” of the world, integrating them in the Unicist Confederation as part of our business network or as users of the Unicist Technologies.

Martin Alvaro has been promoted to Marketing Manager to implement this expansion strategy.

His former role, Business Intelligence, has been fully automated as a part of the Blue Eagle X-pert System. This improvement has significant consequences in the internal quality assurance activity of the Unicist Confederation and the external Unicist Project Management with clients.

The Unicist Business Search Engine works as the avant garde technology to expand the use of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies: http://www.unicist.com

Three Scientific Dissemination Newsletters have been focused on this expansion process:

English: http://unicist.info/sdc-en/
Portuguese: http://unicist.info/sdc-br/
Spanish: http://unicist.info/sdc-es/

Please let us know if you are interested in developing a Unicist Diagnostics Center:

Your comments are welcome

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