Unicist Standard: Dealing with Risk Management

The immune system of an organization is defined by the structure of objects that are able to detect and destroy the elements that attack the institution.

The immune system of an organization implies the existence of all the “objects” that are available in order to destroy the threat.

This is necessary in order to liberate the “negative” energy introduced by a “virus”. From an ontological point of view the institutional immune system can be shown in the following objects.

Action inhibiting objects are those whose function is the elimination of threats.

Entropy inhibiting objects are those whose function is to avoid a dysfunctional entropy of the active function.

Driving objects are those that impulse the action in an institution.

Catalyzing objects are those that accelerate the functionality of the whole or parts of the institution.

Gravitational objects are those that influence other objects in order to provide the necessary energy to function.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

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