Unicist Market Expansion: The confrontation of conquest

The natural path for innovations is the confrontation of conquest.

A confrontation of conquest begins when a new product with no synergy with the pre-existing products is launched. There is also a confrontation of conquest when new markets are sought.

When the products that have been launched do not belong to an existent category and satisfy non manifested needs, the confrontation of conquest begins with the weakening of some occupied niches to introduce the new product (guerrilla confrontation).

The unicist confrontation of conquest requires an empty space occupying strategy when non manifested needs are being satisfied.

The confrontation of conquest requires beginning with niches, continuing with segments and finally covering the market.

Confrontation of conquest implies a differentiation based on a strong preexistent credibility.

The Confrontation of Conquest fails when differentiation is not perceived by the market or when the influence cannot sustain the credibility of the proposal.

Conquest is based on:

  • Empty space occupation
  • Speed
  • Credibility

The first step to conquer is the occupation of empty spaces. The confrontation of market conquest begins based on the positioning in these niches.

To do so there is need for a previous action to open these niches. The action requires a non evident functional or ethical flank attack of the competitors’ solutions. Competition is lost if this flank attack is perceived.

A key factor in this confrontation is having a superior speed than that of the market leader. Higher speed is necessary to penetrate. If conquerors are slower than the market leaders they will just accumulate wishes and costs.

The conquest of markets is based on credibility. First choice positioning can only be achieved having a brand with the necessary objective and subjective attributes.

Thus empty spaces can be occupied with highly differentiated products and having a superior speed than the market defendant.

When a war of conquest is lost, the conqueror becomes a marginal competitor in that market.

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