Unicist benchmarks: Cruise liners are organized by objects

Cruise liners need to be perfectly organized in order to generate a context of pleasure that allows passengers to expand their internal freedom.

Their organization has to be perfect but should not be noticed. Only an unperceivable perfect organization allows passengers to expand without feeling neither pushed nor pulled. Organizing “joy” is a complex problem.

That is why all the activity that includes passengers is basically organized by objects which provide the pleasant context to enjoy. This object driven organization requires an extreme precise design to ensure that the objects generate a context but do not invade passengers’ intimacy.

The meta-context for such context is the necessary client orientation of all the crew members that participates on the cruise. It is said that if a member of the crew wants to progress in the company all the evaluations of the clients have to mention “outstanding”.

Reliability is a basic condition for being a crew member of a cruise-liner. It is a team and the goal is to satisfy clients who are not interested in intentions. All what is expected must happen.

Very simple and very easy if the attitude is there.

But things can go wrong. Therefore a quality assurance must exist to avoid that the problem transcend to the clients. Quality assurance implies the necessary alarms and alternative solutions in order to satisfy clients.

If you haven’t gone on a cruise we strongly recommend it in order to learn how simple organizations work when they emulate nature.

The Unicist Standard is not a “Love Boat” but a “Business Boat!

The same rules of the Cruse liner apply to the “Unicist Business Liner”:

1)  Object Driven Organization to save energy and ensure results
2)  Client Centered Management as a context to ensure customers’ satisfaction
3)  Unicist Reliability System to amend mistakes and ensure quality
4)  Unicist Quality Assurance to have alternatives for any problem.

It is fun if you enjoy it. If not it is unbearable.

You are welcome!!!

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Peter Belohlavek

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