The Unicist Standard needs to be a Rolls-Royce

Benchmarking Rolls-Royce is necessary for all those products or activities that are considered prestigious by the community and that need to sustain their seeking for perfection to achieve their credibility in the market.

In the following lines you can find the answers to the questions posed in this previous post:

A Rolls-Royce is an extremely prestigious car because it has extreme functionality, quality, added value and reliability.

The integration of these four extreme characteristics makes its positioning as a prestigious car possible.

The purpose of a “Rolls-Royce” is to satisfy the feeling of having achieved perfection. Perfection is considered as something that satisfies 100% the expectancy of the buyer. This means that a “Rolls-Royce” satisfies the needs of the buyer considered as an individual, as part of a group and within her/his social environment.

Every activity or product that requires perfection, in the above described sense, needs to position as a “Rolls-Royce”.  This can be frequently seen in medicine, in politics, in strategy, and in all those fields where the value added is extreme and extreme reliability is expected.

The extreme functionality mentioned above has two aspects. It has to be extremely functional as a device but also extremely functional in its operation. This implies that no one can expect a superior functionality in the market.

The need for extreme quality implies extreme quality assurance and extreme control. Thus reliability and extreme added value are sustained.

Therefore the process of Rolls-Royce building includes an extremely strict concept, its update in the field of scientific possibilities, the management of all the techniques necessary to achieve perfection and last, but not least, the necessary art to make the perfection perceivable by the community.

Rolls-Royce building and positioning is not a question of choice. It is a question of beliefs. But it needs to be said that this does not guarantee success in business.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,000 researches in complexity science applied to individual, institutional and social evolution.

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