Fostering innovation through business associations

A research on the role of business chambers and similar organizations and the possibility to work with them to introduce new value adding technologies has been finished.

It was led by Peter Belohlavek and the final falsification process covered the USA, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

The conclusions were fully confirmed and can be synthesized in:

1) Business associations are unions that need to defend the interest of the community they represent.
2) They need to have an absolute ideology to sustain the interests of their members and use the necessary technology to do so.
3) They need to develop their activity within the cultural archetype of the country they work in.

Thus there is no room for innovations because the members need to be, by definition, conservatives to preserve the interests they represent.

Understanding a business association requires accepting they are unions and knowing the interests of their members and the archetype of the country they work in.

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VP Global Markets
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