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Unicist Confederation’s business plan 2010

The business plan 2010 is based on an “explosive” worldwide expansion of the Unicist Diagnostics Centers (UDC) and the Unicist Scientific Dissemination Centers (USDC). The objective is to multiply the activity of Unicist Diagnosticians and Leaders of Scientific Dissemination Centers in order to install the Unicist Standard worldwide.  Every UDC and every USDC needs to have a budget that ensures the profitability of their business.

On the other hand, alliances are being built with corporations to develop Research Consortia and Unicist Diagnostics Centers.

Unicist Scientific Dissemination Center - WEB SITE MODELThe Unicist Scientific Dissemination Centers are in charge of implementing affiliate programs with professional or business Chambers, Associations or Federations in their region, while developing affiliate programs with complementary blogs and websites worldwide.

The USDC websites models are:
English:  http://www.usdc-model-en.unicist.net/
Portuguese: http://www.usdc-model-br.unicist.net/
Spanish: http://www.usdc-model-es.unicist.net/

Unicist Diagnostics Center - WEBSITE MODELThe Unicist Diagnostics Centers are based on the unicist approach integrating both fundamental and technical analytical knowledge to develop accurate diagnoses, forecasts and strategies for businesses. It is a multilocal activity developed by the Unicist Diagnosticians who have been certified in The Unicist Corporate University. All the Unicist Diagnostics Centers also run a USDC but not vice versa.

The UDC websites models are:
English: http://www.udc-model-en.unicist.net/
Portuguese: http://www.udc-model-br.unicist.net/
Spanish: http://www.udc-model-es.unicist.net/

If you are a user of unicist technologies and would like to enter the business of the Unicist Confederation, please contact: martin.alvaro@unicist.net

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