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Unicist Business Search Engine – Changing the World by adding value

Unicist Business Search EngineAs it was planned, on December, 3  at 2:00 pm New York Time, you are receiving this communication of the launching of the Unicist Business Search Engine (UBSE).  The first step is trilingual.

50% of the first medical diagnoses are fallacious and 90% of the business strategies do not achieve their goals. The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature and the consequent unicist ontologies allowed developing an approach to have secure knowledge in the field of social, institutional and individual evolution. Businesses included.

This is a major change in the business world allowing people, whatever their economic possibilities might be, to deal with the nature of businesses in order to develop strategies to add value and profit from it. The UBSE is extremely cheap, in spite of the investment in research, in order to make the knowledge of the nature of businesses accessible to all the doers of the world.

All the members of the Unicist Confederation need to have the complete collection of R&D e-books or access to the Unicist Business Search Engine.

Access the UBSE at: www.unicist.com

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Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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