Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The need for unicist business diagnostics

Business problems are essentially complex. A problem is complex if it implies a situation that cannot be dominated and someone assumed the responsibility to solve it.

A problem is simple if it is within the boundaries an individual dominates or, being beyond them, the individual doesn’t assume the responsibility to solve it.
1+1 = 2 is a simple problem. But if we reverse the equation assuming the responsibility of achieving the result 2 = ???, infinite solutions are possible.

The apparent paradox is that there are infinite operational solutions but only one fundamental solution.

To deal with complexity individuals need to have both the technical-analytical and fundamental knowledge.

Diagnosing implies assuming the responsibility of achieving a concrete result, having the technical-analytical knowledge of the problem and the knowledge of the fundamentals, including their taxonomies, and defining the problem providing its taxonomic operational solution.

Fundamentals, as the concepts that define the unicist ontology describing the nature of a problem, work as “strange attractors” (see theory of chaos) providing the self-organization of the reality that is being influenced.

Business problems cannot be solved without fundamental knowledge because infinite solutions are not manageable. The lack of understanding of the nature of reality drives necessarily to fallacies or inaction.

A manager is, by definition, an individual who is able to manage complexity in his/her field of responsibility. Therefore diagnosing is the first task to be solved when a complex problem appears.

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Peter Belohlavek

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