Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Personal Communication – April, 12th – Easter Change 1

This is a personal communication. I am a Catholic and an Ecumenist.

According to a German theological interpretation, Jesus Christ’s resurrection, besides its religious meaning, symbolizes change.

You can see the compatibility of this theological interpretation with the steps of elaboration of frustration discovered by Sigmund Freud.

That is why we chose April, 12 to launch the new stage of the Unicist Confederation.

All our partners and associated consultants are invited to this second stage.

I just want to tell you the personal problem that comes along with the unicist ontological approach.

The Unicist Confederation manages a knowledge business

The more one knows the wider the field of the unknown. That is why it is said that knowledge is like a stain of ink. The larger the stain, the wider are the frontiers with the unknown.

The unicist approach is extremely uncomfortable, unless one approaches reality with questions instead of answers.

Analogical thinking makes one omnipotent. There is no need and no room for questions.

The unicist approach implies that one dies full of question. But this also implies that when one is born one receives all the questions that could not be responded by the preceding generations.

You have to decide whether you leave answers and questions to the next generation, or you just need to be right.

Nothingness is also an alternative.

It is your choice… You decide your role in the evolution of the coming generations. Evolution depends on us.

Peter Belohlavek

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