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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Free Lecture on Ethical Intelligence in Business

The Unicist Goodwill Network is organizing, through other Institutions, free lectures on Ethical Intelligence in Business that will be developed by Diana Belohlavek.

We invite you to promote this lecture in Chambers, Associations, Universities and Business Schools all over the world. Lectures are provided in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

See brochure: https://www.unicist.org/conceptual-thinking/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/unicist_business_ethics.pdf

Institutions need to contact:  n.i.brown@goodwillnetwork.net

The discovery of ethical intelligence made by Peter Belohlavek at The Unicist Research Institute opened new possibilities to influence individuals’ evolution.

It demonstrates that the ethics of individuals depend only on them and the prices they are willing to pay.

The inconsistencies of ethical intelligence explain most of the business problems.

Ethical intelligence in business defines the value adding possibilities, the influence on the environment, time management, strategic planning and focusing.

A business is consistent when the individuals dealing with it have the ethics required by the activity.

When the ethics is inferior to what is needed, it necessarily inhibits growth installing a “business growth virus” in the organization.

If the ethics used by individuals is superior to what is needed, they install a “business profit virus” in the organization that increases costs and affects profitability.

We hope to be able to influence the business world in order to work consistently with the ethics that is necessary for each type of business leaving meaningless “moralism” and value judgments aside.

This generates added value that fosters growth and saves energy. We owe this to the next generations.

A final suggestion in this sense:

If you feel sore give,
giving you will recover…

Thank you for your support.

Press Committee
The Unicist Research Institute

NOTE: The Unicist Goodwill Network  works as a “pay it forward” chain to promote an added value ethics by giving opportunities to others who pay them forward.

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