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Client’s ownership

2008 was the year for organizing and 2009 is the year for expansion.

Distribution of clients

We just want to confirm that clients are “owned” by those who close sales with them in the individual or corporate business. The ownership implies that if a Partner disrupts the relation with the Unicist Confederation s/he will be receiving the Customer Relationship Management fees for one year after the relation ended.

This week we are distributing the list of the prospects that were registered using Google Ads and the centralized Scientific Dissemination Program. There are 550 in English and 700 in Spanish (Brazil is being reorganized). We expect more than 200 sales.

Scientific Dissemination Program

We detected that there are Partners that distributed material of our ownership in the market. We inform them that this is illegal and dysfunctional.

Consider that 55% of The Unicist Research Institute visitors and 59% of the Goodwill Network visitors add these sites to their “Favorites” (c-panel information December 2008).
This demonstrates the power of our image but requires institutional thinking.

We preach growth by example. The Critical Mass Strategy 2009 implies a commitment of our Partners with minimum sales of 6 Unicist Strategy Programs and 16 Microclinics monthly. This implies, considering the statistical analysis, that a Partner will have a minimum of 100 permanent individual clients and 15 corporate clients at the end of the year. The objective of Associated Consultants is 50% of the objective of Partners. We do not sell just demonstrate with our example how things work. Users sell (without needing to sell) to users.

It is expected that in three months all our partners and associated consultants are able to implement the programs. In the meantime they can participate in the participants’ monitoring process.

January is a transition period with a commitment of 50% of the minimum.

The distribution of the prospects implies the acceptance of the commitment. You have to consider that in our model each potential client is an individual who benefits from the use of the natural approach to business and not an e-mail in a database.

We give you this general information so you can think about it. The day after tomorrow you will be receiving the Unicist Org-Lab communication per e-mail.  Afterwards please confirm your participation. As soon as you confirm we will personalize the Internet forms to redirect responses of the Google Ads towards your e-mail. Growth drives to Growth. 
Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence
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Search, Compare & Test it The Use of Binary Actions