Launching of the Corporate Growth Strategy Clinic

Today we launched the pilot test in Australia, Germany and USA for the Corporate Growth Strategy Clinic. Around 150 proposals were sent to prospects. This is the first centralized marketing action. The next action will include Spain and Mexico.

This is the first step to install in-company Corporate Universities to develop growth strategies with high potential individuals.
Our partners are invited to sell this Clinic to corporations and participate in the live coordination of this activity. You can access the brochure of this clinic here:

This is a special program outside the UPP. In the future it will be included. Therefore we propose that the Customer Relationship Management fee is maintained and the coordination fee for those who only manage the group dynamic (non specialized coaching) have a fee of 15% and those who participate being able to manage the unicist thinking process applied to the specific strategy of the client will have a fee of 30% (this includes the pre-diagnosis).

The Unicist Network and the Goodwill Network community integrate all the potential or actual clients. But the clients “belong” to the partner who brought them. This means that in case the partnering agreement expires, the organization that brought the client will receive the CRM fees for one year.

Please inform us if and how you want to participate. This requires a full speed action respecting the external time accelerated by the crisis.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence