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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Launching of the Corporate Growth Strategy Clinic

Today we launched the pilot test in Australia, Germany and USA for the Corporate Growth Strategy Clinic. Around 150 proposals were sent to prospects. This is the first centralized marketing action. The next action will include Spain and Mexico.

This is the first step to install in-company Corporate Universities to develop growth strategies with high potential individuals.
Our partners are invited to sell this Clinic to corporations and participate in the live coordination of this activity. You can access the brochure of this clinic here:

This is a special program outside the UPP. In the future it will be included. Therefore we propose that the Customer Relationship Management fee is maintained and the coordination fee for those who only manage the group dynamic (non specialized coaching) have a fee of 15% and those who participate being able to manage the unicist thinking process applied to the specific strategy of the client will have a fee of 30% (this includes the pre-diagnosis).

The Unicist Network and the Goodwill Network community integrate all the potential or actual clients. But the clients “belong” to the partner who brought them. This means that in case the partnering agreement expires, the organization that brought the client will receive the CRM fees for one year.

Please inform us if and how you want to participate. This requires a full speed action respecting the external time accelerated by the crisis.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence


Partners' Learning Program 2009

Welcome to the preparation period for the 2009 Learning Programs. Our Global Confederation requires dealing with the nature of problems because a cross-cultural technology is needed. Our educational model is based on the nature of human learning that has been researched by The Unicist Research Institute.

Please consider following the recommendations included in this article.


Adults’ education implies a maximal strategy given by the learning activity of participants and the counseling process of those who lead the educational process. This is a bottom-up process.

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The minimum strategy is given by the teaching activity. This is a top-down process.

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Educational systems in the world degraded, with exceptions, the learning process transforming it into a top-down activity in order to fulfill the needs to massify education, indoctrinate ideologies or follow beliefs.

Thus adult learning processes were step by step replaced by teaching processes generating a natural reaction against the real value of knowledge.

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The discovery of the fundamentals that drive human learning and the development of the taxonomy to be followed represent a breakthrough in education. The Unicist Personalized Education Model is the basis of all our Educational Programs. Thus the nature of the human learning approach can be respected, and evolution can be fostered. The apparent paradox is that this is a “back to basics” and a breakthrough.

We are promoting the change of the learning approach for high potential adults.

Most of its knowledge and systemic objects can be found in the Scientific Dissemination Program: 
http://www.unicist.org/sdp.shtml – because they are being spread in the world by the Goodwill Network in order to foster the use of learning approaches instead of teaching driven programs for adults.

The limits

A natural limit for educational systems is that adults learn the way they were taught or the way they wanted to be taught. If individuals learned in an artificial way, for example a rationalistic approach to reality, they will be reluctant to enter a natural way of learning. The intuitive approach of learners drives them towards following the educational experience they had rejecting any “innovation”.
Following the natural taxonomy in which individuals learn makes learners responsible for what they learn, and counselors assume the responsibility for guidance.
“Action-reflection-Action” is basic for children’s learning, but it is perceived as counter-intuitive by most adults.

External clients

We have launched, based on the available delivery capacity, the individual programs and we are launching now the in-company Corporate University specialized in Growth Strategies. These clients do not need to understand the learning taxonomy process. They just have to follow it. But those who participate as counselors need to have a sound knowledge of the nature of human learning.

The solution

Our learning programs for partners work based on the sound technical analytical knowledge each partner has in his/her fields of specialization. In these fields they will learn to approach the nature of the problems using unicist ontology based technologies.

Please enter:
to find the learning contract that has to be defined. It requires a real problem solution developed by the learner using the technical analytical knowledge s/he has. This defines the area of specialization.

Please enter:
to find the unicist ontology of the learning context so you can confirm the field in which you are open for continuous improvement.

Please enter:
to find the unicist ontology of learning processes

Please enter:
to find the unicist ontology of complex problem learning

Please enter:
to find the limits of entering in “action driven learning” (action-reflection-action)

Please enter:
To find the typical professional diseases (superiority complexes) of consultants, counselors, teachers, coaches, etc.

Please enter:
to find the unicist ontology on fundamental and technical analysis to confirm the structure of the learning program you are entering

Please enter:
to find the unicist ontology of time management to understand how to invest time and avoid wasting time in working processes.

Please enter:
to find the certification program. You will see that the certification is based on the real cases that were solved.

Please enter:
to find the Unicist Reliability System. This system provides the Quality Assurance for Learning Programs.

Please consider that if an individual doesn’t follow a natural taxonomy it is because s/he has no real need to learn and her/his subjective needs prevail.

We expect the real problem solutions and the corresponding learning contract proposals to be delivered before January 21st. Then we will start the teaching and counseling activities.


We are dealing with several Corporate Programs that deal with growth strategies and diagnoses. We need to have the necessary World Class partners for the implementation processes.

This is the year of counter-cyclical growth. If you need further information please contact our Knowledge Bank Manager.

Peter Belohlavek