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Functionalist Approach

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Blue Eagle Award 2011

2011 is the year of the 35th anniversary of The Unicist Research Institute. It is a very special year because of the trend of ontology based solutions TURI is leading in the world.

Therefore, it is the year of expanding the alliances with complementary organizations worldwide.

The research projects that are ongoing in basic research and adjacent fields of individual and institutional evolution allow us to expect to exceed the number of 4,000 researched ontological structures before the end of the anniversary-year.

There will be several activities to celebrate the anniversary beginning with the presentation of a story-book, on April 30th, written by Noemi Brown.

Celebrations will end with the International Unicist Conference that culminates with the communication of the “Blue Eagle Award 2011” for the best work on the “Nature of a Business Success” (Facebook). The terms for the contest will be published in May.

Request more information: n.i.brown@unicist.org

Executive Committee

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,500 researches in complexity science, until September 2010,  applied to individual, institutional and social evolution. The applicative researches are based on the discovery of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and the consequent Unicist Theory of Evolution.