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Ego hinders dealing with business fundamentals and business objects

Fundamentals define the functional structure of a specific reality. Dealing with them requires being able to differentiate the individual’s inside from her/his outside. In plain language individuals need to separate their subjective opinion from their functional opinion.

Individuals who are committed with their ego to “what, how and what for” they are doing something cannot learn from experience nor grasp business fundamentals or business objects. They need to rationalize reality.

They will repeat their actions, changing their shapes but not their fundamentals, but expecting different results.

They need to live in a shelter and cannot add value to the market. They expect the market to feed their shelter.

The research on how anti-concepts work was led by Peter Belohlavek at the Unicist Research Institute.

The use of the ethic of foundations provides an objective antidote / palliative to this problem.

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