Wine degustation – Unicist Micro-clinic 1

I invite you to participate. I have booked in a wine degustation. In the meantime I found this clip on which I may like to share with my colleagues. I think it encapsulates what was discussed and what is suggested in the Unicist Critical Mass Strategy.
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Katherine Hosie


One thought on “Wine degustation – Unicist Micro-clinic

  • Angela Moretti

    Very interesting Katherine, thank you. What I see in the clip is a very nice private corporate type function with nice wines among the other nice service, foods, gifts, etc. Its not what I was thinking a wine degustation would be though. I have been to many functions like the one shown in the clip – I guess I had in mind a wine degustation would be more solely focused on the the wines, and would have lots of people attending socially (i.e. as couples, in weekend or social attire) … I look forward to the discussion!


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