Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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We have started our worldwide communication promoting the use of Unicist Strategies as the new standard. This implies a strong participation and expansion of the Unicist Confederation in order to be able to provide the necessary solutions.

We recommend taking a look at the complete organization that has been communicated:

and also at the launching of the Open Courses:

It has been launched in English. The rest of the languages will be published next week.

Global expansion requires extreme diplomacy.

Diplomacy is war in peace

Soft manners, hard facts, strong relationships.
Diplomacy is an institutional behavior that requires the highest negotiation capacity. The most developing Nations are those who have a well organized diplomacy. States are responsible for diplomacy, governments make use of it. Diplomacy has to be part of State’s responsibility because its function is to expand the influence of a Country without considering the conjunctural governmental actions. Governments need to win elections, diplomacy needs to expand influence.
In the business field diplomacy is part of the institutional role of an organization.


As it was published on April 23:

“As it is known, the Unicist Confederation is a multilocal and cooperative confederation. As such our main interest is to respect and foster Sustainable Globalization in all the countries we work in.

National Interests must prevail

The purpose of sustainable globalization is to defend the National Interest of a country. That is why our partners need to be focused on sustaining the interest of their countries.
It is expected that all our partnering organizations are dealing with the equilibration of the local and the global interests of the Unicist Confederation. Maximal Strategies are based on a diplomatic negotiation of interests and are the basis for evolution. If we were only caring about the individual interests, we would be provoking involution.”

Our approach: Soft manners, hard facts, strong relationships to produce added value and profit from it.

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Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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