Unicist Learning Programs 2009 will begin on January, 27

This year’s unicist learning programs will begin on January, 27. All our learning programs are focused on managing problems based on their nature. Real applications developed by participants and off-line counseling define the nature of our programs. Unicist micro-clinics, developing the guiding idea of unicist technologies, provide the necessary thematic environment to be able to integrate technical knowledge with a fundamental approach that enables participants to deal with the nature of problems.
This year counselors will be the partners who have the necessary specialty knowledge in the field of learners’ real applications.
The micro-clinics will begin being developed by Diana Belohlavek, Angela Moretti and Carla Pelosso.
There will be several partners certifying during the next months. They are absolutely needed to fulfill the goal of having more than 10,000 participants in the programs this year. All certifications imply a specialty in counseling and a deep thematic knowledge of the learning taxonomies to develop the micro-clinics. Of course coaching skills are implicit.