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Cost reduction for Unicist Counselors’ Certification Program

In order to facilitate the expansion of the Unicist Confederation, within our counter-cyclical strategy, the cost of Certifications has been significantly reduced.
Considering that we work in the field of complexity, there are analogous but not homologous certification programs in the market.
If you have several counselors in the certification process and have cash-flow problems, we recommend you to promote Unicist Strategy Programs to generate the necessary funds while they prepare their certification.
We expect to compensate this cost reduction with growth. There have been no other changes in the Unicist Certification Program.

Please access the Certification Program at:

Unicist Strategy Programs

Please download the latest version of the Individual Unicist Strategy Program at:

We hope all partners will be participating in the implementation of this program in the near future.

The Corporate Unicist Strategy Clinic includes all partners as live coordinators of the activities while the strategic technology is managed using our Web-conferencing system. You can access the brochure at:

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence