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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist complexity research activities 2

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The research activity in the field of Complexity Sciences began in 1976. Now, although there is a backlog of 180 research projects being developed, the basic research has been finished.

That is why we’ve begun to develop the Global Research Consortia focused on applicative research on:

1) Healthcare
2) Engineering
3) Social & Economic Behavior
4) Information Technology
5) Human Resources (Talent Development)
6) Management (Including Marketing)
7) Financials

Every area will have a specialized blog for researchers and users of unicist technologies.

The research will be developed by researchers of the unicist Confederation that participate voluntarily in The Unicist Research Institute’s research projects.

All the applicative researches belong to the field of complexity sciences. They will be dealing with unsolved complex problems and will be grounded on the ontological structures that have been researched at TURI.

The research will cover both cross-cultural and cultural aspects. The official research language is English but the implementation may include the use of local languages. That is why the researchers’ blogs include translators to the languages we expect to deal with.

When there are regulatory research limits (such as in Medicine) both the research methodologies of complexity sciences and of systemic sciences will be integrated.

Researches end with a report for the participating Companies and a paper for the Scientific and Academic Community. The credits of the researches will be shared among the researchers who participated in them.

Profile of the Complexity Researcher:

1) Be under 29 years old (convenient but not necessary)
2) A doer in her/his field
3) Needs to have Conceptual and Analytical capacities
Needs to have sound knowledge in her/his specialization field
5) Is able to deal with problems that have open boundaries

Applicants will receive a real case in their specialization field to be solved within one week.

The organization of the Research Consortia is a centralized responsibility. We expect to have around 150 voluntary researchers per area. Every voluntary researcher will be operating based on an individual Scientific Dissemination Center.

After the period of voluntary activity has ended (3 months), we will be fostering the integration of these voluntary researchers in the Unicist Confederation.

Peter Belohlavek

If you do not know about Unicist Technologies, you can request an invitation as a Guest Participant in a module of Unicist Strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Unicist complexity research activities

  • Néstor Millán Díaz

    Sí, siempre he estado interesado. Gracias por darme la oportunidad de pertenecer a la institución. Saludos.

  • Javier Martínez

    Es un gusto de poder saludarte y esperar que asu vez te encuentres bien de salud asi como tu familia,existe posibilidad para poder aprender y estar en la segunda de las Tecnologias Unicistas etapa en especial la de Sociales y Económicos Cibernética ya que en ella me siento mas identificado y por mi formación.
    Ya que en verdad considero muy acertado el aprendizaje obtenido dada la eseñenza que he recibido.
    Agradeciendo tu respuesta,me despido con un fuerte abrazo.
    Atte,Javier Martínez

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