Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Today’s launching – Global Expansion Program

Unicist technologies are based on a scientific breakthrough and represent a change in the personal approach to reality for our clients:

Dealing with the nature of problems in order to make things happen is an upgrade in “business” and in “life” management.

Adding value is an implicit and necessary attitude to use these technologies.  Adding value has to be measured by facts and not by intentions.

Clients list

Partners “own” the clients while they are part of the Unicist Confederation and their rights are recognized for one year after having decided to leave the Confederation. The central organization will be participating in the active selling processes but the Customer Relationship Management fee will be received by the Partner.

1)    The lists of the potential clients are being distributed tomorrow Monday among those Partners who participated in the Google Ad campaign.
2)    Our Partner’s Websites have been upgraded and from now on they will be receiving the responses of potential clients.

Sales have to be managed in personal meetings in our Round Table Rooms in the Web-conference system. The sales technique will be provided in a special working session (2 hours -January 28, 10 am New York Time – Karl Popper Room). We use a foundation-based sales technique.
The rooms available for foundation based sales meetings are:

a)    Karl Popper Room
b)    Charles Peirce Room

Our clients are doers

Every adapted individual is a doer in some field. Unicist technologies only make sense to solve complex problems. Dealing with the nature of reality is not necessary to take a coffee. When we deal with the clients we have to find out the problem that has to be solved. That is why these technologies are natural, among others, for:

1)    Businessmen and women
2)    Marketing
3)    All types of architecture
4)    Learning
5)    Industrial activities
6)    Sales
7)    Construction
8)    Information technology
9)    Consulting, coaching, counseling
10)  Leaders (political, social, business, etc)

We sell pleasure

Pleasure is a feeling produced when a need is being satisfied. After the need has been satisfied the pleasant feeling vanishes. Adults’ learning is pleasant when it satisfies a need to do something that was not possible to do before. That is why the learning context for adults is “real-action driven” to fulfill the needs of an individual. But it has to be considered that the learning experiences have to be successfull in terms of continuous improvement. The motto is “today better than yesterday”.
See abstract on learning context:


People who are not action driven are not welcome as clients, they find no pleasant experiences. We need to work with a word of mouth strategy and if an individual doesn’t need to use unicist technologies they become an abstract “nonsense” and are absolutely useless. In this case the  learning process becomes a painful, unpleasant and useless experience.

Google ad campaign

Please make sure to begin the Cooperative Google ad campaign on Monday.

Let’s go

We are already beginning with the sales processes. Join as soon as you can. Please register your potential clients in your CRM. Consider that you are running an institutionalized business, and not a personal entrepreneurial activity.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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