Carla Pelosso's e-book "Knowledge in business and the Knowledge-business"

Carla Pelosso is finishing the Spanish e-book on “El conocimiento en los negocios y los negocios del conocimiento” (Knowledge in Business and the Knowledge-Business). This e-book includes a debate and will help her to sustain the  in-company Corporate University she is beginning to deal with. This e-book will complement her unicist certification in the field of Leadership and Unicist Personalized Education. Unicist object driven leadership integrates the division between those who ask “tell me how” and those who ask “tell me why”. Carla Pelosso’s specialties are a breakthrough in business strategy and management  to foster learning, competition, cooperation and growth. This e-book will be available for the Project H.O.P.E community in two weeks.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence