Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Join the Unicist Standard to develop diagnoses, forecasts and business strategies 2

The failure rate in business diagnoses, forecasts and strategies is unbearable considering it from the point of view of the shareholders or the stakeholders: 90% of the business strategies do not achieve their goals.
We invite you to join the Unicist Standard to break the trend towards failure that damages organizations, people and the credibility of the business.

The Problem

The main reason is that diagnoses, forecasts and strategies are based on structurally fallacious information.  The first step when approaching a problem is having reliable knowledge. And this is necessary when individuals are willing to ensure a minimum strategy or are exposed to uncertain or risky environments. But in order to have reliable knowledge both fundamental and technical analyses have to be done. STRUCTURE OF THE CONCEPT KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION

Fundamental analysis is the approach that defines the limits of the possibilities of the evolution of a given reality. Fundamentals define the boundaries implicit in the functionality of such reality.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, deals with the cause-effect relation between “variables” that have been identified making a systemic compromise.

Free access to the paper “Discovery of the Unicist Ontology of Fundamental and Technical Analysis”:

Functional diagnoses, forecasts and strategies

Evolution implies the existence of a taxonomy to achieve a purpose. The first step appears to be putting the purpose into action. This implies a previous taxonomic step: the understanding of the purpose. Then the first step is putting it into action. Without understanding, no action is possible.

Taxonomy of Evolution

Knowledge acquisition begins with the approach to the fundamentals of reality and continuous with the technical analysis when evolution prevails. But fundamentals need to be grasped in their intrinsic logic in order to be functional.

The second step is then finding a way to optimize the energy; thus the energy conservation principle is applied.

Free access to the e-book on “Unicist Ontology to deal with adaptive systems”:

When technical analysis prevails

The prevalence of technical analysis drives towards involution producing apparent solutions with paradoxical results.

Taxonomy of Involution

Humans cannot deal consciously with involution. Involution implies naturally an unconscious behavior of the individuals involved.

The degradation of the objectives is the natural answer of individuals who cannot deal with a reality. When an individual is unable to adapt to an environment in order to influence it s/he will naturally degrade the problem in order to be able to influence it.

When this process is done consciously the individual is learning. But when the individual does it unconsciously, the individual is involving. Involution implies an entropic behavior of individuals in order to find an easier way to deal with problems.

We invite you to join the Unicist Standard

Before the evolution laws were discovered the problems of business diagnoses were based on the misunderstanding or change resistance of clients. This is absolutely false. The problem was and is the lack of knowledge of the fundamentals.

concentration camps

The discovery of ontogenetic intelligence of nature (Peter Belohlavek) that regulate the evolution of living beings and their deeds established the structure for fundamental analysis integrating it with technical analysis in order to develop reliable knowledge.

Nowadays, after knowing this fact, if an individual disregards it, it is not a problem of knowledge it is an ethical problem. It is self-evident that we cannot deal with people who follow the existing trend.

We invite you to integrate the Unicist Confederation developing the business diagnoses, forecasts and strategies integrating both fundamental and technical analysis.

You are welcome.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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