Invitation to Complexity Sciences Research Centers and Researchers 3

The Unicist Research Institute is inviting complexity sciences researchers to participate in projects that deal with Strategy and Future Scenarios in the world of global businesses and countries’ evolution.

Unicist Complexity ResearchYou can read about the open access technologies to learn about the scope of our researches:

We are a global complexity research organization that developed a unicist ontological solution for complex and adaptive systems:

We are now expanding our business arm, the Unicist Confederation, providing object driven technologies to solve complex problems:

If you want to experience the unicist ontological approach to complex and adaptive systems we recommend you register in the X International Unicist Conference on Complexity Sciences that will take place on November 18-19, 2009:

If you were interested in participating we will be pleased to give you the necessary information:

Your comments are welcome.

N. I. Brown
Globalization Committee

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