Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Confirmation of the Unicist Personalized Education system 1

Unicist Strategy Programs for Partners and Associated Consultants

All the Unicist Strategy Programs have been designed in order to help participants to deal with the nature of specific problems and learn to build strategies. This implies a unicist ontological approach that requires a reflection process in order to be able to access the concept that is being apprehended and applied. Alpha brain waves are necessary to deal with ontological approaches.

The objects included in the Strategy Programs are:

1) A micro-clinic on a specific concept.
2) An application exercise of the concept. This exercise is supposed to be an application developed with a reflection process, with no participation of any authoritative role to avoid stress and the participation of colleagues. Participants have the context to enter the problem solving process within a pleasant context. It is not pleasant if participants are beyond their specialty or do not want to solve the problem. Duty and guilt hinder ontological approaches to reality.

(PS that is included in all the exercises: “You are dealing with the nature of processes.  The real application in the market is your feedback. The exchange with colleagues is absolutely necessary.  No exercises are acceptable if they have not been implemented and the implementation has not been discussed with colleagues. Therefore an accessible case has to be chosen. Please upload the solution in The Unicist Corporate University Platform (chapter: Project).”)

3) A question answering session to answer all the questions that arise to apprehend the concept and apply it to the real simple case mentioned before.
4) A real case developed during the three-month program supported by the Blue Eagle X-pert System.
5) Participation in Conferences
6) Participation in Reflection Clinics

Diagnostics are an essential part of any implementation. Without having a diagnosis of the problem, implementations are trial an error activities that avoid learning.

This educational system follows the ontology of the human learning process.

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