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Global warming fraud? – The “Climategate” – Systemic Science vs. Complexity Science

Whatever the end of the story of the global warming fraud is, it demonstrates the possibilities of “creating parallel realities” whoever the beneficiaries of these realities are, by just modifying the hard data of a research. This is a demonstration of the limits of credibility of human actions. Systemic sciences credibility has been seriously damaged. Politics and interests prevailed. Conspiracy believers enjoy…

Although this fraud has probably been caused by a messianic ideology (which includes interests), obscurantism and fundamentalism are the beneficiaries of these types of frauds.

The unicist complexity science approach is based on the research within reality, while things are happening and forecasting evolution based on inferences considering basic laws (when they are known). By approaching complexity sciences with the unicist complexity research model there is no possibility to create “hypothetical” parallel realities.  This is what makes it reliable.

More information on the Climategate:




Peter Belohlavek

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