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Solopreneurs killed Entrepreneurial Ethic

The culture of “business abundance” created a new race of businessmen/women: The solopreneur. Their pseudo-growth strategies are driven by Money and Power. Deeds, which are the drivers of entrepreneurs, vanished. 

solopreneursThe peak of their legitimacy was achieved in the dot.com (Internet) bubble. Businesses were replaced by “Spreadsheet business models” to put the hand into the pocket of investors to “create money”. Greed was their driver and destruction was the consequence.

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Solopreneurs co-produced the crisis 2008-2010

They are individuals that work in organization to satisfy both their personal beliefs and needs. Therefore they do not integrate in institutions and subordinate reality to their beliefs and needs.

They cannot work with rules, methods and plans because they do not accept a business responsibility. Solopreneuring is a natural attitude of survivors.

Solopreneurs are extremely egocentric and produce endless “power games”. Their minimum strategy is driven by the satisfaction of their beliefs and needs. That is why they cannot make a business grow. Growth is limited to their personal needs.

Recovering Enterprising and Entrepreneurial Ethic

Object Driven Organization is an antidote for solopreneurs. We strongly recommend recognizing their existence and installing the antidote in your activity.

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