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Launching of the Unicist Scientific Dissemination Centers (SDC)

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The Scientific Dissemination Centers have been launched today. They give access to the discoveries made at The Unicist Research Institute.

The five Centers will be focused on different aspects of the researches:

This center is focused on the pragmatic applicative aspects.

This SDC is focused on the theoretical aspects of the discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature and its application to individual, institutional and social evolution.


This center is focused on the methodic, ontological and cybernetic aspects of the Unicist Theory.


It is focused on the pragmatic business aspects.

This SDC is focused on the operational applicative researches.

What we are disseminating is a scientific breakthrough with an enormous field of application.
Action provokes expansion and reaction. We expect to have finished the first step to install this standard Worldwide before the crisis comes to an end.

To access the blogs please enter:

English: www.unicist.info/sdc-en
French: www.unicist.info/sdc-fr
German: www.unicist.info/sdc-de
Portuguese: www.unicist.info/sdc-br
Spanish: www.unicist.info/sdc-es

We hope you can profit from this.

Your comments are welcome.

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