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The Unicist search engine is being implemented

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The second stage of the Unicist Confederation’s organization requires the support of a Unicist Business Search Engine that we have been designing since 2007. The official launching of the Unicist Business Search Engine will be on November 3, 2009. Within the next 30 days the first Beta Version will be published on the Internet.

“Business belongs to the field of Complexity Sciences. The objective is to provide all the people of the business world with the technical analytical and fundamental knowledge to make reliable decisions. The factual and analytical knowledge base is provided by the existing search engines. The fundamentals knowledge bank has been provided by The Unicist Research Institute based on the almost 3,000 ontological structures researched and discovered during the last 30 years, in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution.
The unicist ontology based fundamental analysis made the approach to complexity reliable and made a cybernetic approach to business possible. The knowledge bank is organized to provide “business objects” to those who need them.
The participative knowledge building technology will expand the technical analytical and fundamental knowledge bank ad infinitum.”

This search engine is, among other things, a contribution to all businessmen and women to access reliable information, knowledge and objects to deal with the complexity of businesses.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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