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Upgrade of The Unicist Corporate University

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The Unicist Corporate University at The Unicist Research Institute has implemented an upgrade of its Individual Programs.

From now on, instead of developing the academic support activities for the individual technology transfer programs based on a weekly micro-clinic and a weekly question answering session, there will be two weekly micro-clinics that will be developed on the same days as the activities before.

Level-1 modules will be developed as virtual lectures in a video format, which will be delivered to the participants. Level 2 and level 3 modules will be provided by accessing our video streaming.

The virtual lectures will be developed by Diana Belohlavek. The micro-clinics will be led by our partners.

During the transition period, the micro-clinics will be led by Peter Belohlavek.

The micro-clinics will be based on the application problems our participants have.

The module of “Unicist Marketing Mix” will be a transition and from the next module on (Unicist Learning), we will be working at the upgraded level.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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