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Unicist Cybernetics – Partners Integration

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The second stage of the Unicist Confederation implies a global growth of the partners network, having each partner three possible roles:

a) A business role
b) A business and counseling role
c) A scientific dissemination role

From now on the integrators of unicist technologies will be:

1) Unicist Strategy: for individual, business and social strategies
2) Unicist Cybernetics: for organizational design

For the partners who are not acquainted with the meaning of cybernetics we provide the definition of Unicist Cybernetics.

“Unicist Cybernetics defines the architecture of complex systems beginning with the unicist ontological structure and ending with the operational aspects necessary to produce predefined results. It is a technology that includes: complexity science research, complex (adaptive) systems design, unicist extreme design methodology, object driven organization, unicist ontological modeling and artificial intelligence to design adaptive systems. Unicist cybernetics is integrated within the unicist ontology based technologies to design adaptive systems to produce results.”

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The launching of the book “Unicist Organizational Cybernetics” is just the first of a series of six books that will be available in the market in the next weeks.

You will find them on Google Books together with the rest of the collection of unicist technologies.

Simultaneously, the 60 most significant discoveries (scientific breakthroughs) made at The Unicist Research Institute will be published on Amazon.

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