Daily Archives: April 27, 2009

Learning to deal with the nature of business – Free Program

A talent development program to learn to deal with the nature of business has been launched by the Goodwill Network. This program was sponsored by The Weston Group and developed as a set of podcasts by Peter Belohlavek and Wes Spears.


The aspects covered by the first part of the program include:

1)   Unicist Approach to the Global Economic Crisis
2)   Unicist Definition and Confrontation of Complexity
3)   Unicist Definition and Application of Ego
4)   Unicist Dominant Economic Drivers for Business
5)   Unicist Importance of Learning and Knowledge to Personal and Business Growth
6)   Unicist Lessons Learned from Google, Microsoft, and Apple
7)   Unicist Organizational types (Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Institutions)
8)   Unicist Lessons of Sun Tzu and the Art of War
9)   Unicist Counter Cyclical Strategies
10) Unicist Discussion of Pop Business Books

This podcast has been developed for all those who have decided to approach businesses based on their nature. To access The Nature of Business, please click here .

N. I. Brown
Academic Department