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Unicist Confederation – 2nd. Stage

As it is known, the Unicist Confederation is a multilocal and cooperative confederation. As such our main interest is to respect and foster Sustainable Globalization in all the countries we work in.

National Interests must prevail

The purpose of sustainable globalization is to defend the National Interest of a country. That is why our partners need to be focused on sustaining the interest of their countries.

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This implies a significant diplomatic action to maintain an equilibrium between common interests and local interests.

It is expected that all our partnering organizations are dealing with the equilibration of the local and the global interests of the Unicist Confederation. Maximal Strategies are based on a diplomatic negotiation of interests and are the basis for evolution. If we were only caring about the individual interests, we would be provoking involution.

The values fostered by the Goodwill Network, “equal opportunities for all” within a sustainable globalization environment, are just a demonstration of the values of the Unicist Confederation.

Executive Committee


Unicist Drops – Business Diagnostics – Pastime for the weekend

Curing without diagnosing
is killing based on good intentions…

An analogy to guide reflection

Those who propose solutions to businesses
without having a secure diagnosis,
produce chronic diseases or destruction…

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.