Daily Archives: April 22, 2009

The Unicist Strategy Program has been upgraded

To ensure the added value of the unicist technologies, all Unicist Strategy Programs will include a second opinion diagnosis that will be delivered after the participant made his/her diagnosis/strategy, but within the first 60 days of the program.


This upgrade has been made to ensure the focus on real applications, avoiding the use of unicist technologies for intellectual self-fulfilling objectives.

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The program has to ensure the solution of the problems as far as it depends on us. Solutions imply “cure” and “palliatives”. Palliatives as such are not acceptable, although the client might demand them.


This implies also that there is an admission process to the programs based on the analysis of the case that will be solved in order to ensure our capacity to provide solutions.  In this stage the second opinion diagnosis will be centrally provided.


To fulfill this upgrade the price of the technology transfer program has been increased to US$ 2,900.- including the internal cost of the diagnosis delivered to the clients.

This is the final upgrade of the program that will be now expanded worldwide.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence