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Unicist XD – Unicist X-treme Design Methodology

The new organizational phase that begins in April implies a “Back2Back” integration with all the specialized partners and associated consultants.

Therefore the UXD – Unicist X-treme Design Methodology – will be the model to be used to work in the development of new technologies, market-labs, organizational-labs and in the design of implementation processes. This technology will be used integrated with the Unicist Ontological Reverse Engineering Method.

As this Back2Back working method is extremely objective, a subjective interface is necessary to compensate the natural stress it produces. In these cases, the Web-conferencing system will be used with webcam, so both Back2Back working members are able to see each other.

This system has been used for many years at The Unicist Research Institute and allowed tripling the productivity of our World Class competitors.

You can access an abstract on the UXD methodology at:

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence


Unicist Drops – Complex problem solving – Pastime for the weekend

…to disobey is easy
…to obey is simple
…to be responsible is complex
…to be free is…

An analogy to guide reflection

…to oppose is easy
…to follow is simple
…to adapt is complex
…to be free is …

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.