Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

Second Opinion Clinic – Growth Strategy Building

Virtual Clinic with local Coordination

Today the Second Opinion Clinic has been centrally launched. Partners who are interested in promoting it please contact Martin Alvaro.

This is a clinic to open an alternative to build growth strategies based on the creation of business options using innovation, multiplication possibilities and the generation of competition channels.

The objective of this clinic is to discuss the nature of the possible solutions.

This crisis produces a structural change of the value of money, its administration and the role of the state in the coming re-institutionalization process as an entropy regulator, catalysis administrator or “dirigist”.

Companies need to change. The possible structure of enterprises will be presented and how companies will manage the change towards a new more adaptive model.

Most of the population considers that by just reducing costs the crisis will pass as if it were a storm.

This clinic will surely open the boundaries of the discussion to build strategies based on a new reality that is already installed but very difficult to grasp.

We are changing the world… Participate!

Diana Belohlavek
Knowledge Bank Manager